1,000 attend Apx HQ grand opening

My live blogging can't match my editor's 150-word-per minute typing, so I'm not going to try. Wanted to let you know the "Final Four Gym" which is part of Apx Alarm's very cool new HQ is packed. There are 450 people seated and another 550 standing. Mitt Romney, current Utah Gov. Herbert, assorted local dignitaries are here. George DeMarco, George Gunning, Les Gold, Matt Westphal, Mel Mahler, Daniel Demers and several other industry executives are here as well. There's an army of Apx employees and a lot of family as well,including some toddlers and little babies. After introductions from COO Alex Dunn, we've got a testimonial from Apx customer Sonny Rast who said Carla from APXAlarm "forever changed our life" when she sold him a system and an emergency response pendant. He had a stroke a few days later, and said he owes his life to APXAlarm Shawn Brenchly Apx exec, can't remember his title, says APX is based on "Knowledge, Security, Family, and Ownership" Todd Pedersen founder and CEO couldn't get a job knocking doors when he was first out of school. "This is the result of not getting that job," he says to much laughter. Someone told him early on that "This door-to-door thing never going to work.. one of my fond memories." More laughter. He thanks financial partners and says "We intend make great changes to the industry. "Been a great ride going to be a blast in the future." Utah Gov. Herbert: "Been to many grand openings, this looks more like a 'We love Mitt Romney rally.'" "There's bipartisan support for government helping with security, but can't do it all. Need to empower private security companies to fill in gaps. Apx is private organization help with security needs. That what APX does. It's a great example of a great success. "Utah is the right place, right place for business." APX one of fastest growing companies in the country. Ripple effect of APX is significant in many ways...helping economy, adding to quality of life. Gov. Romney getting introduced. Alex Dunn says Gov. Romney had a lot to do with the success of Apx. Dunn worked for Romney in the Massachusetts governor's office and during many rides from WEstern Mass back to Boston, he had long conversations with Romney. "We talked about what made him successful, many of these priinciples we talked about we put to work here. " Romney talking now: "President today is at a jobs summit... Iwish here instead to see how real jobs are created in private sector. " Lots of applause.


Sounds like Romney's on the campaign trail to me...

Oh yeah. Romney had lots of things to say about Apx and especially about the talents of the executive team (Dunn in particular he said is "uncapable of understanding when someone says something can't be done.") yet much of his talk was very much a stump speech. During Q & A, Romney called the 10 percent unemployment rate an "albatross around President Obama's neck." He characterized the stimulus package as ill-conceived and not working and said, the reason there are problems with it is because the President and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi lack private sector experience. Asked about 2012,he said he's not thinking about that right now and is instead focusing on helping to reelect those up in 2010, such as current Utah Gov. Gary Herbert. One thing's for sure, if he decides to run, he'll have lots of support from those in the audience yesterday. He got a rock star's welcome.