Access source book is up

While our December issue content is still a week or two away, you can check out our December source book, covering access control and biometrics, right now, right here. It's easy to put up, because all we do is post a pdf, which you can download or print out. Eventually, we'd like to get the product grid working online so that you can quickly search for which companies make which stuff, but that ain't happening yet. Also, for those of you who are wondering why your company isn't listed, here's how we put together the product grid: First, we make up a survey that we host online. Second, whichever of our papers is running a particular source book first, in this case Security Director News, sends out an email to every company we know of in the marketplace, using both our editorial and sales databases of email addresses. Yes, people quit and we don't know and emails get sent to nowhere. Yes, our emails sometimes get caught by spam filters. These are things we can't help. It's impossible for us, with our current staffing, to either individually call every company or to send individual emails. Further, it is a fact that most of you manufacturers don't return our calls anyway, for reasons we're not clear about, unless you've already sent out a press release. So, what you can do to make sure you're included in the future: 1. When we send you a survey, fill it out. 2. Add our email addresses to your "not spam" list. 3. When a product marketing person quits, make sure their email stays redirecting to a new person for at least a year (a pain, I know, but then again I'm still getting Chelsie Woods' emails, and she quit more than 16 months ago - I still get 10 emails a day from marketing people, often people I've spoken to recently, addressed: Hi Chelsea (because they apparently think Chelsie not only still works here, but also spells her name like the part of London)). Dear integrator readers, if you have suggestions to make the source books better, leave them under the comment button below.