Acuity lands $1 million in funding


Hey folks - sorry for the long drought of posts. I’ve been soaking up rare summer rays here in the great state of Maine and basically ignoring the security industry as much as possible (though I was extolling the virtues of the alarm deal to my lawyer cousin Ricky this weekend - sorry about introducing competition Pritchard!).

Anyway, wanted to give a quick thanks to Alan McHale at Memoori, whose collection of industry deals in the June Memoori Executive Brief pointed me toward a small deal filed with the SEC by Acuity, which I hadn’t seen previously.

After tracking down the original document, it looks like a funding round that could grow close to $2.5 million, but which has raised about $911k thus far.

No investors are listed specifically, other than company execs, so it may just be the founders throwing in some extra cash to keep things moving along.

When they first launched, I wrote a fairly inflammatory piece wondering if they were the next big video company, as they’ve got great Pelco/American Dynamics pedigree, but they’ve been fairly quiet recently.

Their news page doesn’t have anything more recent than July 16, 2009, though that’s not all that rare in the security industry, I suppose.

I’ve got an email into Glenn Waehner, founder and CTO, to see what’s up.