Acuity: Major new player in IP video?

We'll have a more-robust story on this for the next newswire, but Acuity Systems seems like a new video company to watch closely. Just spoke with Glenn Waehner, the company's CEO, and here's the story. Basically, we worked at American Dynamics, which invented a ton of the technology that's still used today in video, back in the 1980s. Then, it was bought by Tyco, and Glenn moved over to Pelco, where he was senior VP of product development. All his old buddies at AD called him right up and said, "take us with you." So he did, opening up the Pelco New York office and basically housing all those guys there. Fast forward to last year when Schneider bought Pelco. Schneider wants to close New York, the guys in New York don't want to move, and so Glenn (who was most recently CTO at Pelco) and the rest of that legacy team started Acuity Systems, which is brand new and focused along the same innovation and service lines that they've always been focused. Does the world need another video company? Maybe they need this one - interesting to see what happens there.