ADDENDUM: Safeguard Security’s slick new digs… Beautiful by Deuxign

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Beauty and funcionality are not mutually exclusive

Beauty and funcionality are not mutually exclusive

I blogged recently about my second day in Texas and my meeting with Safeguard Security. The day 3 wrap-up, complete with pics from the First Annual NMC Fishing Trip, is coming up (fear not), but I wanted to first do a kind of pictorial appendix to my day two post in which I mentioned how beautiful the new offices of Safeguard Security were. When Gregg and I commented on the inviting feel of the newly rehabbed building and were told that a member of the staff, Safeguard’s director of marketing Brian Cates, had done all the design and interior decoration, we were intrigued. Brian gave us a tour and later sent me a whole security office-full of pics.

So without further ado, dig these digs… part museum, part home, part art, part functionality, part industrial, part organic–all business. Gregg’s comment as we winged our way home to Portland, Maine today was “A space like that is such an asset–to you, your employees, your clients–If I had an office like that I’d never go home.”


Now, of course, as you approach the offices, you would never suspect the beauty that waits inside the typical, block-y, warehouse-y facade. You’re thinking “Oh, another rehabbed warehouse full of suspended ceilings, florescent lights, cubicles, white plastic venetian blinds on the windows… probably toner-stained green or red carpeting… ick.” (at least that’s what I was thinking…) Nothing could be further from the truth. The first cool thing I saw, actually, was Jim Gang’s armored Ford pick up… this thing is saving lives and fending off 50 cal armor piercing rounds like a cakewalk. Of course, I didn’t know what I was seeing because from the outside it just looks like a pickup truck.



As you enter the lobby, however, you’re greeted with clean lines and art, and open, inviting space. And of, course, you’re also invited by the HD screen behind the receptionist proclaiming “Welcome Security Systems News!” It was nice to see. There’s also a large conference room to the right behind the comfy chairs, which Michael said should be completed in all it’s connected, grand glory by ASIS.



A trip up the just industrial enough stairs past all the metal and glass affords an open view of the lobby below, as well as the conference rooms and offices on the second level.


The space is open and clean and welcoming. A trip into Michael’s office gives one the feel of stepping into a museum.









There’s also a galley kitchen and a fuller-sized kitchen that Brian said would soon be outfitted with ovens and cooktops. Gregg’s idea of living there is starting to look pretty good… There aren’t any pictures of the bathroom, but trust me they were all executive-level.






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