Administration of industry's 'great resource' transferred to CSAA

csaasia Just got my most recent issue of CSAA's Signals. Looks like they'll be taking over administration of Alarm Call Center Education, Networking, and Training (ACCENT) listserver. ACCENT was launched by CSAA and SIA to facilitate the networking of their members. ACCENT has been managed and administered by SIA since it began over 10 years ago. From the entry in Signals:
'We would like to thank SIA and its CEO, Richard Chace, for making this great resource available to our industry so many years ago,' said Steve Doyle, executive vice president and CEO of CSAA. 'The time and effort spent in the management of this great resource by the SIA staff was remarkable. We have enjoyed our partnership with SIA and want to thank, in particular, Kimberly Roberts and Arminda Valles-Hall for their work these past few years.' CSAA President Ed Bonifas echoed Doyle’s comments. 'We are grateful for SIA’s generous commitment and assistance to our association and our industry,' said Bonifas. 'From providing the initial funding for the CSAA Central Station Operator Level I online training to partnering with us at the Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC) and the Security Industry Standards Committee (SISC), SIA has always been willing to offer its support.'
More information on the ACCENT listserver can be found here at the CSAA's site.