ADS Security goes mobile


ADS Security this week announced the introduction of ADS Aniware, which it described as a new service “that offers remote management of security systems from anywhere in the world. Check-in on a home or business with remote video, arm or disarm a security system with the virtual keypad or receive real-time alerts of alarm activity, all from any computer or mobile device.”

The Nashville, Tenn.-based ADS said that the fact that many home and business owners have automation technology “has brought the convenience of mobile control to ADS customers. The ADS Aniware virtual keypad, which can be easily accessed on the Internet or with the iPhone, Android or Blackberry application, operates just like a security system keypad and offers complete control of a security system while on the go.”

“There is a peace of mind that comes with being connected anytime, from anywhere and that’s what Aniware does for ADS customers,” said Tom Szell, ADS senior VP, in a statement.

The company said Aniware allows users to check the status of an alarm system while away from home or bypass security on a door, and also receive real-time alerts about event-generated alarm activities. “These personalized alerts are received via text message or email and allow users to decide whether action needs to be taken when events occur, like a cabinet being opened or power failure detected,” the company said.

In addition, customers can do a visual check on their home or business with the Aniware remote video feature. “Look-in live on your family, pets or employees or receive video clips or pictures to your email when motion is detected at your front door, service entrance or other vulnerable area,” the company said.

“The ability to instantly view video of a home or business from anywhere in the world is an extremely powerful tool,” says John Cerasuolo, ADS president and COO.

ADS was established in 1990 and is now one of the top electronic security companies in the nation. It currently serves over 70,000 businesses, industrial facilities and residences throughout the southeastern United States, providing a full range of burglar and fire alarms, as well as video surveillance and access control systems.