ADT goes to the movies


A new thriller movie is expected to be released on DVD/Blu-ray this month—and the film features ADT Security Services alongside its star, Academy Award winner Hilary Swank.

“It’s a kind of different tactic for us—going Hollywood,” Bob Tucker, ADT director of public relations, told me. “This is the first time in recent memory that ADT has had a product placement on a major motion picture.”

The film is called “The Resident.” According to a press release from Image Entertainment, it’s about a young doctor, played by Swank, who begins a new life in Brooklyn after separating from her husband. “Her stunning and spacious loft seems too good to be true, and when mysterious occurrences lead her to believe she’s not alone, she discovers the unthinkable … someone is watching her,” the release says.

Enter, stage left, ADT. In a trailer for the film now running on TV and the Internet, you can see the character played by Swank turning to an ADT interactive services solution for protection. The name of the company appears on a computer screen as an actor playing an installer sits in front of the screen explaining to Swank how the security systems works.

Tucker, like the rest of us, has to wait until later this month to see the rest of the film, which he said is going straight to DVD instead of opening in theaters. But he said he’s heard that there are other references to ADT in the film.

“We did this as a cool way to promote our new technology and believe the partnership with the studio was mutually beneficial,” Tucker said.