ADT on the outside; Brink's inside. Just how many English majors does it take to pick a lock?

Afraid I've neglected my blogging duties recently. Just returned last night from a week's vacation with my family. We took a much-anticipated trip to Northern California to see our very good friends who moved cross country almost a year ago. We all had a blast, like we always do, hanging out with our friends. And how can you not have fun exploring San Francisco and the coast? What a cool part of the country. You might think all I want to do is have some fun on vacation. OK, that is true. But, it wasn't all cocktails on the patio and Bloody Marys on Tuesday mornings, however. No, no, no. I like a little security-related activity while on vacation, and this one didn't disappoint. Don't worry, there weren't any robbers involved or anything. (Not this time anyway.) Rest assured, our friends' house is well protected by ADT. This time it was security inside the house. You see, somehow, someone was able to lock the guest room door from the outside, so we had to break in. The latched-handle door was innocuous looking enough, but this was no ordinary lock. The dads started with miscellaneous keys, credit cards, coat hangers, and moved on to bobby pins, nail files, and shoulder-slams. All four kids (ages 8-14) got involved, as did Elise (the other mom) and I. We busted out wrenches and power tools. After breaking a drill bit inside the key hole, we called in reinforcements. Elise's dad, Ike, who lives nearby, has a well-stocked work bench and he kindly showed up with a small crowbar and--here's the key--vice grips. It took another 30 minutes or so, but Ike finally extracted the lock from the door. I was happy to have access to the guest room, but what I really wanted to know was the brand of the lock. Made by Brink's. It looks like your average interior lock, but it is not. I emailed Dave Simon at Brink's Home Security to see if they make these locks and he said they're from BHS's former parent company, The Brink's Company--you know, the armored car company. If you really want to fortify your house on the inside--I heartily recommend this as the lock for you. I have pictures documenting this, my very own Brink's job--but alas--our technical people have not yet figured out how to get me "permission" to upload photos on this here blog. I'll post them if I ever get permission. Another vacation, another home security adventure.


Can'twait for the photos! I know security is never far from your mind - even on vacation ; )