Advocating security industry value conversation continues


The latest edition of Ken Kirschenbaum’s newsletter has some more viewpoints on the image of the security industry issue I addressed in earlier stories and blog posts.

John Elmore of Birmingham, Ala.-based Security By Elmore advocates vigilance in defending against false information and bad press. Speaking of bad press, I came across a rehashing, a repurposing of the SmartMoney article I blogged about before on Washington-based radio station WTOP FM’s website. Anyway, Elmore had some good things to say. From Kirschenbaum’s newsletter:

To all:

As an industry we should always remain vigilant against incorrect information being published. In most cases we can not prevent it or respond to it in the same media form as our bashers. However, we can continue to pay attention to refining procedures, equipment, installations and customer relations. An example of an industry policing itself, CP-01. Use of CP-01 panels can cut a major percent of customer false alarms, if used correctly by both the alarm company and the monitoring station. The new version will address certain programing features of the old version and enhance even further prevention of a false dispatch.

A great way to react to public opinion is through your state alarm association. Thru [sic] that association working with local authorities, State Fire Marshal, etc. a more favorable opinion about the reliability of alarm systems and usefulness can be put to the public. It may not have the flash of an article in the Times or some other large media, but the word does get out locally if not national. Sometimes we just have to be the turtle in the race toward equality in information.

Other programs are out there being used by other alarm companies so sharing other input toward good public relations could be helpful to all of us.

John Elmore

Security By Elmore Inc

Birmingham, Alabama

I have to assume that Elmore’s reference to the Times is in regard to their two articles that I blogged about earlier.

David Stewart of Louisville, Ky.-based Ace Monitoring discusses an article by Stealth Monitoring’s Rick Charney about the current state of the industry. Stewart advocates education, honesty and communication with the end user. Again, from Kirschenbaum’s newsletter:

To all:

There’s more going on in the security industry than meets the eye of the casual observer, Ken. A recent article by Rick Charney in Security Magazine is titled “Does Your Security System Actually Catch Intruders?” ( or the long version: I think the point is that the technology is out there. Those of us in the security business need to educate our customers to help them understand that we can make their homes and business safer. I believe that is called ’selling.’

David Stewart

Ace Monitoring

Louisville, KY

I’m glad to see this conversation continuing.