The AICC National Monitoring License Subcommittee needs your help!


So I'm looking at following up on the AICC National Monitoring License Subcommittee's work so far for a source book article. You'll recall that since the flap over Article 6-E proposed legislation in New York for licensing central stations, momentum has really shifted to a federal-level push.

I talked with AICC chairman Lou Fiore today about how things were going, where the committee was at, what work had been done and what remained.

First of all, Lou pointed me to the comment website that had been set up. This is the place you can--and should--go to read the proposed legislation, which is the proposal late Vector president John Murphy developed years ago, and offer your tweaks. The subcommittee hopes to get lots of feedback from all of you, so take some time, go to the site, download the proposal, read it, think about it and make some suggestions through the website's online form.

Also, I'd love to hear what you think about the proposal the way it stands. How do you feel about a national monitoring license? Drop me a line or give me a call (207-846-0600 ext. 254) and let me know.