American Idol featured a security guard, and I didn't know it?

I'm blown away by a throwaway line in this story about not-very-good American Idol contestant Chikezie getting sent home last night. As in, the 22-year-old airport security inspector from Inglewood, Calif. What? I totally would have been rooting much harder for the big man if I had known this. How did this get by me? And what a great opportunity missed for the security industry (I'm assuming, perhaps wrongly, that he's working for a private guard firm contracted with the TSA). This guy should be in PSAs for the TSA, for sure. "Hey kids, this is Chikezie. Remember how I was the tenth best American Idol contestant this year? Well, it's okay that I lost, because now I can get back to making sure everyone who flies through LAX is flying safely and securely." Then he could start covering that Men Without Hats tune, "Security (Everybody Feels Better With)," and then the commercial fades out with Chikezie carefully inspecting somebody's bag with a big ol' smile on his face. Really, I think somebody needs to make that happen. Perhaps GE Security could sponsor it, or Clear, since the two of them are teaming to make some big bucks off aviation security and screening. By the way, has anybody put much thought into the chorus of that Men Without Hats song? I was just thinking about it: If something in the world seems right then it is what I know This is where I want to be, so this is where I go Everybody feels better look inside and see a radio, a radio Everybody feels better with security If anybody can explain the radio reference to me, I'd be appreciative. Do they mean, like, a walkie-talkie kind of radio, that security guards used in the 1980s? I'm confused. Also, in that article about Chikezie, there's something about two straight bluegrass songs. Huh? Just cuz he got a little country with a Beatles tune doesn't mean they were jamming on mandolins and banjos back there. Bluegrass isn't just a cool word for country, people.