And the Pelco Access buyer is:

In a not-unexpected move (a little birdie told me this was going to happen), the former Integral guys have bought the access division back from Pelco and will spin off as a new company. It actually happened on Friday, but I've been doing some traveling and seeing some music in Austin, so I'm just getting around to posting this today. Sorry about that. I don't have a web link, but here's a cut-and-paste of the release:
Pelco Sells Intelli-M Electronic Access Control Business Unit, to infinias, LLC. CLOVIS, CALIFORNIA – February 20, 2009 – Pelco, Inc. today announced that it has signed an agreement to sell the Intelli-M® Electronic Access Control product line to infinias, LLC. The deal which will include intellectual property, assets, and products in development related to the Intelli-M product line is set to close on our around March 16, 2009. Infinias, LLC a newly formed and independent company, will focus on the development, growth and support of the Intelli-M business, while maintaining integration with Pelco video security products.
I think it's a good sign that the companies will remain friendly and the integration of the products will continue. This might just be a more efficient way to market the access product, even if there's a little bit more overhead in creating a new company. It allows there to be focus, from marketing through sales, on one product line.
Until the transition is complete Pelco dealer and distributor customers will continue to purchase products and obtain support for warranty and repairs direct from Pelco. At the close of the sale, infinias, LLC will take over all sales and support, including warranty support for Intelli-M products previously sold by Pelco. Pelco customers can expect the same level of support from infinias, LLC as they have been receiving through Pelco.
Ugh. Please notice that infinias is another one of those companies that dislikes being a proper noun. Why? Why would you want to send the message that you believe your company is a common noun? It makes no sense to me - it subconsciously indicates to any English speaker that your company is implicitly less important than a company that capitalizes itself. Just sayin'.
“Pelco decided that the best way to serve our customers is to stay focused on our core video products, and to spin off the access control business unit to infinias, LLC who, as the current development team, are best suited to maintain and expand the Intelli-M access control business,” said Dean Meyer, President and CEO of Pelco, Inc. “We will work with infinias, LLC to ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible.”
This is consistent with what Dean told me here.
Wayne Jared, Pelco Vice President of EAC Engineering will lead infinias, LLC, as President and CEO, once the transaction is complete. Other key members of the Pelco EAC team based in Indianapolis, Ind., will join the new company as well. “Infinias, like Pelco, is committed to our customers and to providing continued support for today’s Intelli-M products,” says Jared, “We will also develop new simple, scalable and secure products to meet the future needs of the EAC market.”
I'm putting in a call to Jared today and hopefully will have a few more quotes from him by newswire day on Thursday.
The Intelli-M product line today consists of the eIDC a cutting-edge Ethernet enabled integrated door controller which is one of the first POE door controllers introduced to the security market; and Supervisor Plus® a full-featured scalable security management software system that integrates access control, intrusion detection, photo badging and digital video. A new addition to the Intelli-M family will be announced at ISC West.
Meyer did mention they were spending more on R&D than they were getting back in sales, so the new ISC product may very well be pretty interesting. If you want to poke around, it looks like they've already set up I'm fairly impressed, actually, with how fast they turned around a new logo and corporate identity. That stuff isn't as easy as it looks.