Another back-and-forth about the editorial

As people say "yes," I'm posting dialogues about the (tepid) Obama endorsement. Here's one: On 10/15/08 2:00 PM, "Shannon Fox" wrote: Mr. Pfeifle, I must say that I found your editorial very disturbing and it, unfortunately, reinforces the true problem with our country – people willing to sell out their morals and core beliefs for a few dollars (or the belief of a few dollars). Yes, I make my living in the security industry. However, if the security industry was not around, I can earn a living doing something else. I am not willing to sell out my moral convictions simply to keep my business afloat! Do you want to fix our economy? Do want to fix industry? Do you want to fix this or that? Well, this can only be accomplished by fixing society. If you try to fix the after effects instead of the true problem, you are only fooling yourself. All of our problems are the result of a broken society and nothing else. People are willing to “look the other way” in regards to core beliefs and morals in order for financial gains. Fix this and everything else falls into place. If you put someone in office that has compromised morals (ex: supports the murder of innocent children, believes in teaching “alternative” lifestyles to children, etc., etc.) then you can expect a compromised society. There is nothing more important than morality – not oil, not the environment, not the economy! Once we can find a president with a solid moral foundation (and have people in congress, the court system, etc. that reflect the same morality) and will not sell out, everything will fall into place. This includes the economy, energy issues, foreign issues, etc. Unfortunately, we do not have a current presidential choice that truly reflects our needs. However, Obama is definitely not the man for the job. Thanks, Shannon Fox (Asheville, NC & Vicinity - Sevier County, TN and the Tri-Cities) From: Sam Pfeifle [] Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 2:12 PM To: Shannon Fox Subject: Re: Editorial - Obama for president? Hi Shannon, I appreciate your feedback. As I said in the precursor to the editorial, I did not consider social issues in the editorial, as I felt they were outside the bounds of a business paper’s discussion. Unfortunately, we’ve already shipped our November paper, so I can’t run this as a letter to the editor before the election, but would you like this posted to my blog, so that your feedback can be heard ahead of the election? Cheers, Sam On 10/15/08 2:58 PM, "Shannon Fox" wrote: Sam, I understand that your main focus was from the business side and not the social side. However, I believe that is another major mistake within our country. You cannot separate social from business. Major problems arise when our core beliefs do not influence our business. You are welcome to post it to your blog. I appreciate all that you and Security Systems News does for our industry. Thanks and have a great day! Shannon