Another way to cut you out of the deal

DIY home surveillance systems are getting ever more sophisticated, and the manufacturers are starting to figure out the recurring revenue part, too. Here's a new product called the AVC LiveLine. Basically, it's triggered on motion, sends you an email when the motion happens, and you can dial into it at any time to see what's going on with the ability to PTZ and whatnot. But, you've got to pay $9.99 a month for that functionality. Why? That's hard to figure, actually. I guess you get to use proprietary software. If enough people sign up, it seems like a cash cow to me. There aren't any operators to pay, just software to support. I still say that the majority of consumers will want a central station who can dispatch involved, as seeing there's a burglar in your house doesn't do you a lot of good unless you can actually do something about it and most people don't have the cops on speed-dial. But as a nanny-cam, this isn't a bad solution.