Apparently, many in the security industry don't have the Internet

Because, if they did have the Internet, they wouldn't go around saying things that are fairly obviously not true. A couple days back I made fun of for saying they were first when they weren't, so it's only fair that I pick on an integrator for basically doing the same thing. Here's a story out of Bethlehem, PA (maybe registration required), about an upgrade to the municipal wireless video system by Intelligent Decisions and Let's Think Wireless, which is cool and all, but let me get to the good part in a hurry:
"The city of Bethlehem has been able to start a true Public/Private partnership within the city by soliciting the support and contributions from various residents and business entities," said Mickey Branson, Senior Director of National Sales at Let's Think Wireless. "This partnership, which may be the first of its kind, has allowed this project to grow rapidly while putting virtual feet on the street, almost overnight."
Come on, duder. It "may be the first of its kind"? As though it would be impossible to check that out. Well, let me google that for you. And if the Google results don't satisfy you, try reading your industry periodicals. (And, yeah, I wrote that story in 2007.) I mean, come on - you thought you guys were the first to think of having private entities fund publicly used surveillance cameras? Really?


So many great uses for that Google function.