Appealing to a wider demographic through multilingual products


I got a release this morning letting me know that Honeywell had announced the release of its new Spanish language version of the LYNX Plus keypad.

I’ve written before about security industry entities broadening their demographic reach through expanding into languages other than English.

Good for Honeywell. Not everyone speaks English. As one who speaks English, has studied French, Russian and Spanish and knows a few words in Greek, I have to say I applaud any company that embraces a multilingual outlook to widen the accomodated demographic.

I’ve also written about the LYNX Plus before. It won a Maximum Impact Award from ESX last year. The new Spanish version is a combination control panel, keypad, siren, dialer, two-way voice system and speakerphone that has an internal GSM radio that lets dealers offer RMR-generating services like Total Connect.

Total Connect, of course, is the mobile aspect so many end users today are looking for, according to many with whom I’ve recently spoken.

The LYNX Plus can communicate using standard phone lines, IP transmission and GSM. Such versatility is something I’ve written about before, as well. With POTS lines disappearing and the Federal Government mandating a sunset of the PSTN, wireless solutions are a big thing these days.

Of course, I still think the security industry should design, implement and completely control its own communications path in order to truly overcome the uncertainty that comes with having to rely on another, non-security company’s technology to function.