Are the spiders getting to you?


That was the single worst photo of a spider I could find. They're apparently "camel spiders" (not sure if this information is urban legend or not) and they terrorize soldiers in Iraq. Apparently they like to hide out in sleeping rolls. Gives me the crawlies. Anyway, such spider interest is triggered by the following press release that came in today. For some reason, this product seems oddly very attractive. Perhaps you want to buy a "tin." QED, UK distributors of security equipment and accessories have developed a new spider deterrent in the form of an aerosol spray. The product, called Spiderex has been launched under their new Midas brand.  It is a specially formulated clear spray which when applied to any area will deter spiders for up to 8 months.  This is a revolutionary new product that has been developed specifically for the security industry. It's "revolutionary," mind you. Spiders like creating their webs in warm places, which, unfortunately for security installers, includes around CCTV camera housings and PIR detectors. This, in effect, causes false alarms with PIR detectors or build up of material in front of a CCTV camera. In any case, maintenance is required to resolve these issues. Too much time has been spent by installers getting rid of spiders and the issues they cause for security systems. QED’s Marketing Manager Matt Byrom commented: “Spiderex is a simple product yet having a can will provide a massive impact on the time spent on maintenance and profits of a security installer.”  He continued “In fact, even if Spiderex was to stop one service call it would have paid for itself many times over.” A "massive" impact. QED believes this will solve one of the biggest causes of false alarms in CCTV systems and also stop the build-up of spider related material such as webs in CCVTV cameras and housings. Spiderex is on Special Offer now at £5 OFF per tin + FREE Delivery and available from Please, please, please leave some comments (click on the word "comment" below - it's easy) on whether spiders are actually a big problem for you on the installation end. I'm desperate for some good spider stories. Seriously. I hate spiders. And my wife always makes me kill them. You should have seen the size of the dock spider I killed in the living room of our lake house last week. I hit it with my shoe, but kind of whacked it instead of leaving the shoe on the carpet and the spider bounced about three feet into the air and scared the crap out of me. But then it was pretty dead.


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