Are you doing more than your part to foil fiendish falses?

I got a press release from SIAC on Thursday of last week. I love the guys over at SIAC. They're working hard to make the industry function more efficiently with municipalities so that everyone--the industry, the municipalities, and the end users--wins. Plus the guys over there are always, courteous, quick to call back, and copious in their comments on the issues about which I write. It appears the annual Police Dispatch Quality Award, which recognizes the North American security company that best demonstrates a dedicated and cooperative effort to reduce unnecessary alarm dispatches, and is sponsored in part by the False Alarm Reduction Association is underway. They're currently looking for applications from false-alarm-fighting North American security companies, so if you feel like you've been going above and beyond to reduce needless law-enforcement rolls and improve industry relations with municipalities, by all means, throw your hat in the ring.