Are you a leader? Do you want to be?

Got an email from ESA recently. Time is slipping away if you're interested in joining in their 2010 Leadership Summit for free (that's right: FREE). If you miss the early registration deadline of Dec. 14, a $125 registration fee applies... If you are a leader (or want to be), don't waffle; now's the time to make a command decision to attend and save $125. Good leaders don't spend $125 when they could spend $0 to get the same result. According to ESA's email, one of the benefits of participating in the Leadership Summit is that attending will earn you CEUs. The National Training School will issue .1 CEU per workshop and you'll get your certificate at the end of each session. SSN has been reporting on CEUs a lot lately. Workshops being offered this year include: The future of communication and attention in the age of social media Megatrends 2010: Trends that will impact how you conduct business Achieving board excellence Innovative income--looking beyond membership dues The Summit takes place from Jan. 12-14 in Fort Worth, Texas. There are worse places to spend a couple days in January than Fort Worth. You can register here.


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