Are you too old for security?

Actually, it's partly the aging security legacy the sparked the creation, through the NBFAA... er... I mean ESA, of the Young Security Professionals group. I got a press release from ESA the other day detailing the heights of rip-roaring success enjoyed by the first YSP Executive Forum held in Aurora, Ill. The Forum dealt with some pretty big issues facing those young security professionals looking to take over the biz from their parents. Here's some 411 from the release:
The forum focused on effectively managing change, implementing and selling new products and controlling attrition. Thirty young professionals attended the session, a first of its kind. It also provided best practices sharing opportunities in a non-competitive environment, and networking opportunities.
Attendees looking to curb attrition at their businesses might want to also check out CSAA's recently announced free Webinar led by Bob Harris of Attrition Busters. Though the forum was focused on the youngins, the evening was helped along by some established security heavy-hitters.
Ed Bonifas of Alarm Detection Systems in Aurora hosted the event and provided a special kickoff dinner and barbecue lunch on the Alarm Detection Systems campus. Bonifas, Mel Mahler of ADS in Nashville, Tenn. and industry icon Bud Wolfhurst from Reno, Nev., served as mentors to the group and shared their years of expertise and knowledge on the topics at hand.
For more information on the YSP, go here. And tell Trevor I'm still waiting for that Sears Portrait Studio pic of him on a Jetski for use in our next issue.