Arecont picks up a Pelco exec

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Glendale, CA (March 16, 2009) – Arecont Vision, the industry leader in megapixel IP camera technology, has appointed Scott Schafer as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In the new position, Mr. Schafer will manage the company's global strategy to market IP-based high-resolution megapixel video surveillance solutions throughout its domestic and international markets.
Is Arecont the "industry leader?" I honestly have no idea. They're claiming to be the leader in technology, I guess, not sales. These kinds of statements drive people like me crazy.
Mr. Schafer brings extensive executive management sales and marketing experience to Arecont Vision. For the last four years, Mr. Schafer held the posts of Senior Vice President of Americas and Global Marketing and North American Sales at Pelco. His experience also includes Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Service at The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, and managing global networking and high availability services for NCR Corp., where Mr. Schafer held numerous global general management, sales leadership and marketing management positions during his 19 year tenure with the company.
Solid resume. Arecont did well here. If Arecont has struggled with anything, it's being seen as a bit of an outsider. Everyone knows Scott, especially because of his high-profile role at Pelco.
“We are excited to have Scott join our dynamic team and look forward to his contributions to Arecont Vision's mission of establishing our state-of-the-art megapixel surveillance cameras as the industry’s primary means of image capture,” said Dr. Michael Kaplinsky, Chief Executive Officer, Arecont Vision. “Scott is well known in the professional security industry, a proven leader and a prominent advocate for IP technology. As the leading supplier of megapixel video cameras, we are delighted to have someone of Scott's stature on-board to help us further our goal of transitioning the video surveillance industry to megapixel technology.”
I wonder if anyone has ever read a paragraph full of quotes like this all the way through, other than the copy editor in the marketing department. I really tried to get through it. But I failed.
While at Pelco, the company grew substantially. By focusing on vertical markets, Scott brought the company closer to end-users and major projects. He also expanded the company's large systems business to concentrate on enterprise-class digital network systems. He increased Pelco's business capabilities related to architects, engineers and consultants, which increased major design wins with specifiers around the world. “Early in my career, I learned how important it is to recognize business opportunities as they develop, and to quickly execute a strategy that takes advantage of those opportunities,” said Schafer. “Arecont Vision's unique position in the megapixel camera market presents numerous opportunities in the professional security market. As successful as Arecont Vision has been in developing the megapixel technology market, the previous success represents only a fraction of our potential for growth. I am excited to join Arecont Vision and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead as we continue to expand market share with innovative imaging solutions.”
I think all of that is true, but I also think Scott and Dean Meyer didn't exactly share the same vision for the future of Pelco. These moves will happen with management transitions. Probably good for the industry as a whole - like when a great band breaks up and all the players form their own side projects and you wind up with three or four great bands.


Just thought I'd address this question since you asked it and I inquired to it myself a few months ago.

<i>Is Arecont the “industry leader?” I honestly have no idea. They’re claiming to be the leader in technology, I guess, not sales. These kinds of statements drive people like me crazy.</i>

Apparently Arecont did more in sales last year than:
IQ Invision

and did more Megapixel Camera sales than Axis sold of their megapixel cameras.

From a technology standpoint their cameras could be said to be "the leading" megapixel camera but apparently it's backed up by their sales as well. Since their cameras are actually less expensive than the megapixel lines mentioned above I would assume it means they also sold a larger quantity of megapixel cameras as well as more in $ales as well. Such is how I took their comments anyways.

Much appreciated, Megapixel. I'm looking forward to meeting with them at ISC. I've thought of them as up-and-coming for the last couple years. I need to change my perception of them.

[...] heard about Scott Schafer leaving Pelco for Arecont on Monday. Now comes word of his replacement (comma use in the below [...]

Your right there are great opportunities but paying for one isn't the best

I am an electronic security product manager and our company has used the Arecont IP camera for several years and from my experiance it is the best megapixle IP camera around and very cost effective. I am very excited about there new H.264 camera line.