ASIS, early update

Some interesting things in the materials they're distributing to the press: • The exhibitor addendum, published after the major show program to include people who came in late, is pretty large. I don't have a past year to compare it to, but there are 109 exhibitors in the addendum. That jibes with my feeling that the show is bigger than many expected. It seems like a lot of companies decided late that, yes, things are pretty good, and they better not just not show up to the big show in California. • ASIS is on the Young Professionals bandwagon, too. They've got a room dedicated, 201A, for people aged 21-40 to stop in and provide feedback. "Conversations are informal, exploratory in nature, and take place on Monday and Wednesday from 9 to 11 a.m." I say 50/50 there's never more than 5 people in there at any one time. But that wouldn't be ASIS' fault. I just never see security directors under 40 on the show floor. Would love to be wrong. • To go along with John Honovich's criticism of the ASIS Accolades, it's kind of shady that they've published a whole book, the "competition guide," which has as its sub head: "Security's Best." Or, you know, security's best buyers of advertising pages with the ASIS Accolades program. (I mean, come on: There's a back pack highlighted in the "coolest stuff" category; there's a flashlight in the "transformational product, service, or technology" category.) But, you know, ASIS are definitely NOT endorsing products. Also, if you're curious as to why people entered the competition, it's because they were guaranteed to at least get a full page ad in this little book about their product. That's worth the entry fee alone. For my part, I think people who can sell ads for money are pretty great (they pay my salary), but you've got to admit Honovich has a bit of a point. ASIS is not really a media organization first and foremost.


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