ASIS press releases, part 1

Here's a place to run down some of the news being put out there today. It's a bit of a firehose because a lot of companies requested a Sept. 21 embargo on their news. Why, I'm not sure, but I'll post these from time to time during the show when I have time (which means not that often). Also, those who sent hot links get bonus points. Those that didn't, don't. • IQinVision, Pivot3, Exaq, and Firetide are going to be demonstrating a cool little four-booth interoperability experiment.
Indianapolis, IN. – September 15, 2009 – Four leading open-system vendors announced today that they will be supporting a joint live demonstration of IP technology interoperability at ASIS 2009. Exacq Technologies, Firetide, IQinVision and Pivot3, will show how standards-based solutions from open-system vendors can be easily integrated and supported in the field. End users, specifiers, and resellers will see how these open-system vendors are collaborating to speed adoption of the latest technologies to the market. THE DEMO: The live demonstration will feature wireless distribution, storage, and playback of HD/megapixel video over a wireless network across separate booths on the ASIS show floor. High-resolution video from IQeye megapixel cameras will be streamed from vendor booths over Firetide wireless infrastructure mesh network. The video will be subsequently captured and displayed remotely using the exacqVision Video Management System (VMS) running on Pivot3 iSCSI SAN storage with embedded virtual servers. Centrally captured video will then be viewable and searchable from remote computers in each of the partner booths and on smartphones.
The cynic in me wonders why this is actually demonstrating anything particularly exciting. Wouldn't it be crushingly disappointing if these guys couldn't do this? Imagine if you were an integrator who wanted to use these four products, none of which are really any good all by themselves, and you were told, "sorry, that's not going to work." You'd be pretty pissed, right? I know the industry has a proprietary heritage it's working to shed, but, seriously, when are we going to start acting like we've been somewhere? I was proud of my kids when they could first walk, but it's getting to the point where I'm not all that impressed by them just getting from point a to point b without falling down (though they do often fall down to this day...). • Plextek has made their Blighter radar system better. Isn't Blighter like a British swear word or something? You dang blighter! • Steelbox makes its triumphant return, integrated into an offering by SRI International.
SRI’s IVE product solves the problem of managing large-scale video surveillance systems and uses Steelbox’s media appliances to organize hundreds of video sources within a single, intuitive interface.
• Onity integrates with Lenel. (Can't link directly because the press link is an auto-open pdf - ugh.) They are kind of the same company, so that would make sense.
Onity, one of the world's leading providers of electronic locking solutions, today announced that they have completed a successful integration of their CT30 offline locks into the OnGuard® security software platform, developed by Lenel Systems International. This integration makes it possible to program, manage, encode and monitor CT30 offline locks from within the OnGuard environment, allowing facility managers to address both interior and exterior doors from a single application.
• Smiths has a rad new way to people screen called Eqo. Apparently, it's so rad it doesn't need to conform to accepted rules of English spelling.
Pine Brook, NJ – 10 September 2009 – Smiths Detection will unveil and demonstrate its new people imaging scanner, eqo, at the ASIS International security industry conference in California. Designed to increase throughput while quickly detecting concealed weapons and explosives in security-sensitive buildings and areas, eqo features a unique open design using a fraction of the floor space required by conventional scanners. Using patented millimeter-wave imaging technology, the eqo screener generates a three-dimensional image revealing any hidden threats as a person passes through a portal and turns in front of a square vertical panel. A remote operator then checks the image for any threatening items hidden on the body or beneath clothing. Privacy filters built into eqo such as face blurring provide anonymity for passengers.
How long until we start seeing risque 3D images on the Internet? Are they there already and I'm missing them? Help me out. • AgentVI has launched a new search and analysis tool. It should also be noted that AgentVI's web site is all sorts of pretty.
TEL AVIV, Israel--(Business Wire)--Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi) announces the launch of its latest product -Vi-Search - a new video search and analysis software for instantaneous searches through stored video. The new software will be formally launched and presented at Agent Vi`s booth (#4325) at ASIS International Seminar & Exhibit, in Anaheim, California, from 21st through 23rd September 2009.
I'll get you some more stuff later. There are a LOT of releases to get through.