The Assa Abloy breakfast is SRO

I'm not going to do a full live blog on this because I came in a little late (no comments, please), but a bunch of integrators sure woke up on time to hit the Assa Abloy systems integrator breakfast. Right now they're talking about electronic access control OEM sales. Basically, EAC software drives 750,000 openings in the USA a year and the OEMs are investing a bunch of cash in improving functionality. This is the preferred go to market model for Assa. They're pushing the Sargent WiFi locks this way, and pretty soon come the PoE locks. Partners include AMAG, S2, PCSC, Sielox, DMP, Reach, GE Security, and a couple others I can't read. The new toy? The battery operated WiFi lock that communicates back over 802.11b infrastructure. We wrote about this at ASIS, I think. I'd link back but I'm getting really crappy wireless card reception here in the Titian ballroom. A couple guys from Red Hawk have just come up to talk about how they're making a bunch of sales with the WiFi solution, especially in K-12 applications. "We were able to leverage their existing infrastructure; allows the school district to install literally thousands of these without wiring. The ability to use third-party software, allow the SDKs to be written by other manufacturers, allows them a lot more flexibility. When you're talking about a WiFi lock such as this, you're not up running in the ceiling, you're eliminating that. It's easier to quote, because you don't have to estimate wire runs. It's easier for them to budget, just locks time price, so they can figure out how many locks to buy each quarter or what you."