Avigilon: Not just lots of megapixels anymore

For a while, Avigilon was really only notable for its 12- or 16- or lots of-megapixel cameras and the way its system could actually handle all that data. Now their software integrates with third-party cameras. This is something they said they'd be doing when I met with them back at ASIS.
Vancouver, BC – March 31, 2009 – Avigilon, today, announced Avigilon Control Center 4.0, the company’s latest version of its award-winning High Definition (HD) surveillance software, which will be demonstrated at the ISC West conference taking place April 1 – 3rd in Las Vegas. With new features to improve performance and manageability, Avigilon Control Center 4.0 also offers support for third party IP cameras, becoming a truly open enterprise class network video management software platform.
It kind of makes sense, since what was always impressive was the way its proprietary secret sauce could deal with all that data, and now you can use that sauce to control all the data coming from megapixel cameras made by other companies, but I think it's going to take a while before people stop thinking of them as that company with the cameras with tons of megapixels.