Bay Alarm pays $1.7m. cash for office


Saw this story about Bay Alarm, the California super-regional which is owned by the Westphal family. Bay Alarm is helping out the real estate market in LA and expanding and upgrading its operations at the same time.

It’s from the Glendale News Press yesterday and it’s about Bay Alarm paying $1.72m cash for a new building in Glendale, which, according to a quote in the story from Graham Westphal, co-president of the Bay Area-based company, will be used as a “service, sales and installation hub for most of downtown L.A. and all of the valley.”

Here’s a photo of the front of the building (with a particular emphasis on the parking space in front) which appeared in the news report. It also appears that the building is currently protected by ADT–I think that’s an ADT sign out front–I’m guessing that will change.

TN gnp-0913-alarm-1.jpg

I haven’t called Matt Westphal, the other co-president of Bay Alarm yet, because it’s early in California and while Matt is always eager to talk to me about CAA business (California Alarm Association, of which he is president) he usually declines comment on his own business. He’ll confirm that I haven’t given up hope, though. I always call or email him in case he changes his mind.

In case Matt’s still mum, as I suspect he may be, here are some other highlights from the story:

The current regional center is located in Van Nuys and will be moved to this new spot. Bay Alarm liked the location of the building. From the story:

“Glendale is a business-friendly community with proximity to the freeway east, south, north and west,” Westphal said. “We like the neighborhood.”

About 40 employees will work out of the new office, which will also serve as regional training center.

The realtors involved say the deal was sealed shortly after the property was listed because it was a cash deal.

Bay Alarm has 100,000 customers in California, and they consider themselves “the largest independently owned burglar alarm company in the country.”