Behavioral analytics chief promises details on deals


While panelists on a TechSEc educational panel said video analytics are alive and well,  I spoke to BRS Labs’ CEO John Frazzini last week and he's sticking with his declaration from the September ASIS show.   The verdict on video analytics is in, he says, they died in 2011.

He won’t comment on any involvement BRS may or may not have with the World Trade Center project in New York, though a recent New York Post story was talking about BRS and the WTC,  but he did say that the company will have big news this quarter.

And while Frazzini takes pains to point out that BRS Labs does not consider its product "video analytics" (it’s behavioral analytics—and BRS will be receiving an umbrella patent for its technology in the next couple of months he said), he said BRS Labs' technology is being spec’d in (soon to be revealed) projects will have dollar amounts “far exceeding” any other video technology contracts.

I’ll let you know when I hear any specifics on these projects.