Behind the GE Security comments

You'll see in my story about the potential GE Security sale that at least one dealer hasn't been happy with the corporate support. Mostly, I think this comes from a difficult integration among all of the GE acquisitions. This is somewhat reflected in the reviews of the company at Glassdoor, which is where potential employees can check out what current and past employees think of the company. They don't necessarily slander the company six ways from Sunday, but there are a lot of comments like this:
GE Security shows an amazing amount of promise. It has strong acquisitions in video (VisioWave), access (Casi-Rusco), and fire (Edwards), and is finally making great strides to incorporate them all into an integrated security platform. If realized correctly, this surely will be a big player in the security industry.
I mean, these are companies that have been bought as many as five years ago. At this point, the integration should be more complete, probably. And that's what leads to comments like this:
The company continues to struggle for a coherent market identity due to it's legacy of acquisitions; after 5 years of integration attempts only recently have the silos started to melt and "GE" penetration taken effect. There is constant leadership turnover as the heritage managers start to fade and the GE-fed talent moves across the corporate umbrella.
So, it's not hard to see why a dealer like Alarm King might be a little frustrated at the lack of progress.


No surprise... almost guaranteed to exit.
GE did not understand the business when they first entered... and still don't. Plus could be under pressure to mitigate their "deep pockets" exposure to the legacy liability caused by widespread deceptive business practices. All of which is outside their control.