Break out yer cameras! Security videos are cool!

I checked out some pretty cool vids yesterday. What's cool about them, as opposed to all the other online vids i regularly check out (I watch this one of my son probably 5 times a day) is that these ones were topical to my beat here at SSN. That's right they're security videos! Now, you've all seen Video Killed the Blind PIR from Keith Jentoft at RSI (and if you haven't I've linked it so you can see it again). But there are other companies doing some cool stuff out there as well. NMC's got some cool videos we've had in our ssnTVnews section, and the latest I came across yesterday were from Monitronics. There's a series of five homemade vids from the monitoring center that pimp its special, required MoniX dealer training program. I wrote about this new program back in December of 09 and at that time, Monitronics VP marketing Mitch Clarke said the MoniX program was about creating a better industry.
If you remember over the summer, we had the headlines about us suing sales reps. We realized that for us to be a premier dealer program, we realized that we didn’t want any part of that funny business. So we had to say, 'How do we make our program the premier program?' We created the Monitronics Experience--MoniX. It’s focus is on how to be a good citizen and how to run a good business.
Here're the MoniX vids... I like some better than others. The first one is kinda funny and cryptic. The second one is, in my humble opinion, the funniest... just seems really true to life. The third is pretty funny and attempts to capture some of the building tension. The fourth is cute... As an editor, I know how it feels to find a typo after the media has gone to print! And the final one is kinda nice, 'cuz it gets the whole office team in there. I say keep these inside looks seen through the camera coming. Nice work all.