Breaking good-deed records

Those summer model alarm companies are sure competitive. The photo above is a moving van full of donated non-perishable food items that Platinum Protection donated to the Community Action Food Bank in Utah County and the Utah Food Bank in Salt Lake County last weekend. Platinum had 400 employees hit the streets on Dec. 12 for a food drive, and their efforts "broke the record for the largest one-day, door-to-door corporate food drive, bringing in a grand total of 34,000 pounds of food," according to this press release that they sent me this morning. From the release: "We have broken the record the last two years as the fastest growing alarm company in the history of our industry by knocking doors," said Jeremy Pixton, a co-owner of Platinum Protection. "This time the record we wanted to break was giving back to those that are in need and doing it by knocking doors. We felt this was a good opportunity to teach our employees the value of giving back." A few weeks ago, I wrote a story about summer-model companies expanding their philanthropic deeds and public relations efforts. In that story I reported that Apx Alarm "had made the largest donation in history to the Utah Community Action Service Services Food Bank." This is the kind of competition I can appreciate, and I'm pretty sure that Apx will up the ante again. I'm thinking Josh Houser's going to call me this afternoon to let me know what Apx is doing next. How about you non-summer sales model companies? Let me know what you're doing along these lines as well.