Brink's: Back in the game

It's late on a Friday afternoon before Labor Day, but didn't want this to wait. It looks like the Brink's Company isn't ready to give up on integrated security systems, and may even be preparing to compete in the very commercial security sector that its spin-off, Broadview, has been ramping up efforts to attack. Today, Brink's announced the acquisition of a majority stake in ICD, a commercial integrator with 200 employees and offices throughout Asia, for $12 million. The press release doesn't mention U.S. offices, but I believe it's the same ICD that I wrote about early last year:
BOYNTON BEACH, Fla.—ICD Security Solutions, a security systems integrator with headquarters in Beijing, opened its first U.S. offices here in September. It is the fifth country in which the company has established operations, joining China, India, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan.
Sounds pretty similar to the company Brink's just bought:
ICD designs, installs, maintains and manages high-quality commercial security systems. With principal operations in China, ICD also has offices in Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Australia.
But a little different... I'll try to figure it all out. It's kind of conspicuous that there isn't one of those "About ICD" paragraphs for a web site listed for the company on the press release that Brink's put out. I'm pretty sure it's this ICD, and here is the U.S. sales office (seems like they moved to West Palm). But why wouldn't Brink's mention the U.S. presence? I guess it's just a small part of the company, but the company only does $12 million in revenue, so it's not like any one office is huge for them. Maybe they don't want to be too overt about the fact they'll be competing with Broadview? Regardless, it's clear Brink's liked the electronic security market all along and the big question now is how heavily they get back in.