Brivo adds video hosting

Had a great conversation with Brivo's Steven Van Till just now. Here at the show they're unveiling a hosted video offering whereby you just plug in an Axis camera that knows how to "phone home," and it automatically finds the Brivo access panel and integrates with it. You can store up to seven days of video and export your own video clips. It's targeted toward the small business/retail market, and it's not meant to replace a full-blown video system. Really, it's only for four cameras per Internet connection (so you don't blow out your bandwidth) and if you go over that Brivo recommends you integrate with one of their DVR partners. Here's the full release. Notice the fancy new web site, too. Pretty sharp. Also learned Steve was a philosophy major. Somehow, that doesn't surprise me. Brivo's a pretty thoughtful company. According to Steve's research, there are currently seven companies offering hosted video, and he says he's the only one that pairs it with hosted access. Seems to me, access is an easier way to get in the door. Then you add the video, without having to add an pricey DVR. Just a $200 camera (I'm guessing - maybe it's more than that) really, and you could give that away for free and just charge a monthly fee.