Broadview, thou art thyself

Lots of rebranding talk during this morning's Broadview Security earnings call. When they changed their name from Brink's Home Security to Broadview in June, CEO Bob Allen said they’d spend between $70 to $120 million on re-branding over the next two to three years. Today Allen said they'll spend less, likely between $60 to $90 million. Seems the Broadview name is catching on nicely. Allen said “over the last four months we’ve been watching closely cost-per-sales-opportunity” and “tempering that with research that measures brand awareness.” What are they seeing? “Steady growth in brand awareness," and "we feel we’re on a good trajectory and feel comfortable lowering the range [of expected expenditure],” Allen said. So, “will they take the extra cash, and do a stock repurchase?” one analyst wanted to know. Not right now, Allen said, they want to make sure they’ve got the cash on hand if they need it. Broadview spent $10.6 million on rebranding during Q3. They'll continue to spend about 75 percent of marketing budget on rebranding efforts, though there is clearly some crossover, Allen pointed out, since rebranding certainly enhances other marketing efforts. Broadview was second-guessed by many in June, when they decided to move ahead so quickly with rebranding. Today, Allen said they'll be stepping it up again. Allen said they'll be trying out some new commercials that do not carry the tagline “The Next Generation of Brink’s Home Security.”


Wow, someone done learnt herself to talk all fancified! Hoo doggie! I guess seeing Sheakspeare on Broadway hasn't quite worn off yet. What's in a name? That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet./ So Broadview would, were they not Broadview call'd/ Retain that dear perfection which they owe/ Without that title.

Nice to hear from you CameraMan! Yeah, show me a little Hamlet and I'm all Shakespeare-y all the sudden. It's my Maureen Dowd imitation. (a poor imitation, I know) Oh, and it's clear I don't have a monopoly on fanciness, pretty wicked fancy yourself, quoting the whole dang passage. See you at ISC West!