Busting on security at RSA

Here's a fun little post from the Tech Herald regarding security procedures at RSA Security. I'm not sure "Epic Fail" is the appropriate headline, but it's still kind of an entertaining outline of wireless and physical security letdowns at the show. Here's my favorite paragraph, though:
Why is this important? For one, you always hear about the security risks with laptops, the danger they pose to a company if they are lost or stolen and contain sensitive information. Here were six laptops, just out in the open, for any of the expo attendees to examine or in the worst (do it and go to jail) case scenario steal. The other reason is that RSA is a security focused event, and physical security is just as important as digital security. Granted, Google is not a security company by default. However, why were the laptops left unattended?
Yeah, physical security is just as important as digital security, you know.