Camera-DVRs will soon be all the rage

Kind of buried in this release is news that Dedicated Micros will soon unveil a camera-DVR combo package, kind of like what VideoIQ does, just without that analytics (or maybe with less-sophisticated analytics - we'll see):
Most notable of the new advances form Dedicated Micros at ISC-West is the preview of the Integrated Camera Recorder, which combines a megapixel camera with an enterprise class video server in one compact package that delivers robust recording at the edge of the network. It provides video on demand and eliminates the risk of losing video data due to network failure.
No word on when exactly this will be available for installation. When the VideoIQ camera was announced last year, it made a lot of sense to me (other than the fact that if you smash the camera you smash the memory), and I expect we'll see more and more cameras with significant on-board storage as it gets smaller and cheaper.


sounds like what mobotix has had out for a few years

Sanyo also has this as an option for the VCC-HD4000 megapixel camera.

[...] For thoughts on where embedded storage on cameras fits in the market, see the Editor’s Desk blog. [...]