Can home security systems be art?

Yes. And here's proof in the form of a creepy video of some kids (who by the way, are in need of belts) breaking into a house in Florida. The good news is that the cops caught the thieves. The eight-camera system was sold to the homeowner by Landy Peluso, who owns Monitech Security Services. Landy told a local TV station that he installs hidden cameras in lamps and other places for customers. I have to add something here though. This video reminds me of a modern dance performance. It must be the stage-left and stage-right entrances and exits of the thieves, alternating with various pets, and accompanied by--what is that noise? a parakeet? Plus, like that dance performance, it goes on, and on, an on. If these kids straighten up and fly right, they might find better work in live installation in a museum. I"m not being critical, really. It's a security system that works, and it's like, art, man.