Canon pulls out of ASIS

I've actually never had this happen before: I got a call from a PR agency asking if I'd like to meet with Canon at ASIS. I'd seen them a little bit at ESX, and they talked about making a much bigger commitment to security, so I said, "sure." I made an appointment for 10:30 a.m. to meet with Kevin McCarthy at booth #359. (I'd link to a map of the show floor so you could see where and how big that booth is, but ASIS doesn't provide such a feature.) Anyhoo, I just got a call on this lovely Friday before the Labor Day weekend from the same PR guy: "Hey Sam" (this is not an actual transcript) "while Canon NVS is expanding its marketing and advertising in the security space to support its exciting new product launch September 9, Canon has decided not to visit ASIS. So, the time you've got scheduled to talk with them you can now use to peruse the ASIS show floor." Huh? Three weeks before the show and they pull out? With a big product announcement to support? I've had people blow me off for appointments and just not show up, but I've never had an appointment say, "sorry, we won't actually be there."


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