Can't get enough of the UTC-Diebold story

So, the latest from the UTC camp is this: United Technologies Corporation remains committed to its offer. Diebold's financial and stock performance and the inability of Diebold's leadership to file timely financial statements are not valid reasons to avoid a dialogue with UTC. As we say on the playground: "Ohhh, burn!" UTC reaffirms its proposal to purchase the outstanding shares of Diebold for $40 per share cash, a 66% premium to Diebold's closing stock price on February 29th. UTC remains ready to discuss its proposal with the Diebold Board of Directors. UTC's management team, and financial and legal advisors are available to meet with Diebold and begin due diligence immediately. I like this idea that UTC's C-level people are all just hanging around in a board room waiting for Diebold's call. I hope they brought snacks...