Cantronic buys in China

Not a huge deal, but I think it's interesting that Canadian infrared video maker Cantronic has bought into Chinese video management firm AVINFO. IMS is talking about China being a $3 billion surveillance market. I guess Cantronic's trying to get in while the getting's good:
"The combination of AVINFO's network management software and Cantronic's camera products will allow us to offer a complete solution in China's rapidly expanding security and surveillance market," stated James Zahn, president and CEO of Cantronic. "AVINFO has established its software as one of the leading management platforms for monitoring and surveillance, with small and large installations in some 60 Chinese cities. As these cities expand their networks they are more likely to choose a proven software solution with a user interface that their staff has been trained on. With AVINFO, Cantronic has improved its product offering, acquired a growing customer base in China and added talented technical and sales management. Cantronic is now well positioned to achieve its China growth strategy."