A case for video in the home

Well, as it turns out, this story from a CBS station in Philadelphia isn't as much about residential CCTV as a I hoped, but boy is it entertaining! Yes, it's yet another story about someone with a security system where the alarm company/integrator isn't mentioned. Yes, it's another story where they're talking about digital video but still use the phrase "caught on tape." No, the video in question isn't actually all that instrumental to a burglar being caught by police. But. You've got to check out Robin Pearlman, the woman who chased a burglar from her home, got down his license plate number and gave it to the police, who then arrested the bad guy. This woman is very impressed with herself (for good reason), alternatingly referring to herself as "Rambolette" and a member of Charlie's Angels (apparently she hasn't consumed much popular culture in the last 25 years or so). Great east coast accent, too. Oh, right, I'm supposed to be making a point about the security industry. Please note that the woman is very matter of fact about her residential security cameras. Nice sales tool. Privacy questions? What privacy questions? Everybody has CCTV in the home now. Even housewives in suburban Philadelphia.