A cautionary Twitter tale

I'm out sick today and may very well have my trip to ISC East to thank for it, but I wanted to post shortly on the pitfalls of Twitter. This note was attached to the daily email I get from the excellent Dan Primack and PeHUB.com:
*** Twitter has been a great boon to peHUB, becoming the second-highest driver of traffic to the site (this email is first). But last week our account got hacked, and our followers got phished. Then it happened again this morning. I first sent a message to Twitter's help desk four days ago, but no reply yet save for the automated type. Maybe that’s because Twitter apparently has fewer than 10 customer service reps. You’d think Twitter could afford a few more, given that it's got well over $100 million in the bank…
It's a cool technology, Twitter is, and I love using it to spread the word and cover events, but it's constantly overloaded with traffic and, not surprisingly, is way understaffed. Don't put all your eggs in the Twitter basket - it may have to change radically to get cash-flow positive. And, if you find yourself sending out spam messages you know nothing about, change your password. If that doesn't work, pray for customer service. I actually didn't sign up for Dan's Twitter feed, though. I like just getting the daily email and I don't need to know instantaneously when every private equity transaction goes down.


Twitter and Facebook will be increasingly under attack from cybercriminals as they draw attention to themselves. I don't think they are doing a very good job of it to date and your advice not to put all your eggs in the Twitter basket is sound.
As someone that uses social networking sites more for business, I have found LinkedIn to be head and shoulders above the rest.