CEDIA cancels spring EXPO

Hey folks, sorry I haven't been posting for a few days. I took a vacation to see the in-laws in Ohio and blogging while vacationing is apparently not recommended by 9 out of 10 mental health practicioners. By the way, the in-laws live in a brand-new home in one of those brand-new developments. They have a Brink's panel installed, but they never activated it. However, they have about every home automation product you can imagine, and they use all of those, hooked up through three networked flat-panel TVs. Something about that seems telling. Maybe it's telling me that I should pay more attention to what the folks at CEDIA are up to, as they are in the home like security firms are, just doing different things. I thought things were going hot blazes with CEDIA members, so this news was surprising. To quote: Though there was support for the recently announced Spring EXPO concept initially, member feedback regarding market condition changes and other factors have prompted CEDIA to step back from Spring EXPO at this time and focus on education and expanding the exposure opportunities with architects, builders and interior designers at the third annual Electronic Lifestyles Forum. I'm guessing the downturn in the new home building market is the "market condition changes" part of that statement, which is understandable. But why is this market so dependent on the new builds? If home automation isn't for people like me, who live in houses built in the 1800s, there's an obvious limit to market penetration. Us New Englanders like cool gadgets, too.