Changing the analytics standard copy

When I first entered the market four years ago, all of the talk was about what analytics could do (wicked cool stuff, I assure you). About two years ago, the focus changed to what analytics can't do (hey, guys, we never said it could do really wicked cool stuff, just wicked cool stuff). Every presentation on analytics suddenly included a bunch of slides where the presenter said things like, "which of these guys has a gun under his jacket? We don't know"; or "which of these people is about to rob a bank? Who knows?; or "No, you can't pick a face out of a crowded stadium." Well, maybe this last bit needs to be taken out of standard Power Point presentation or they should make it clear they're speaking for themselves. Check out this blog posting by 3VR head Steve Russell:
After a grueling multi-year testing process, in 3VR SmartRecorders and SmartCams provided between 85 percent and 92 percent accuracy in recognizing and matching faces in a few crowded, highly-trafficked public train stations in Seoul. In each case, the images analyzed were of fast-moving groups of commuters entering or exiting various transit areas en masse.
If you can get past the white text on black background, the rest of the post is pretty interesting, too. So, you can pick out faces in a crowd? I can see how maybe there's an app for that. Sister paper SDN wrote up the story here.