Clearly, no one offers IP, cellular, or GSM radio security solutions, right? It's all POTS, right?

I came across this blog post in my Google Alerts this morning. Someone needs to give this guy a call and let him know how they can help him. I've only been covering the security industry for a little less than a year, but it seems to me that there has to be lots of options out there.


The blog is not "real". It is all about SEO - Search Engine Optimization. The persons aim is to attract visitors searching for information on DIY Alarm Monitoring to his blog in the hope that they will click on one of his Google adwords at the side of his article. To me, it stands out a mile because my company offers SEO to the security industry and we know exactly what he is doing, however, to the vast majority of people it is just another blog post.

The guy actually fell very lucky when you placed a link to his blog on this web site as is a recognised authority on the subject of security and has earned the trust of Google - which is very important. Your link will send his blog soaring in the search engine rankings.