CO detection makes sense for dealers and consumers

More and more states are passing legislation requiring mandatory CO detectors in new homes. This is a story that will explain why. It's about a family that was warned about dangerous levels of CO through its CO detector (which, importantly,was connected to the family's monitored alarm system.) The mother was quoted as saying:
"That was the really scary thing," she said. "We all felt fine. There was no smell, nothing."
System Sensor was showing its new (this fall) CO detector at ISC West, which has a test to ensure that it is, in fact, detecting CO. (This is notable because other brands have tests which ensure that the device is powered up, but not that the detection device is working.) CO detectors are an easy add-on for residential security dealers, and one that stands out, I think, as making good sense for families to have. System sensor maintains a nice tally on its Web site about where legislation has been passed Here's a link. Click on the links on the right hand side to find out what's passed or pending in terms of CO legislation.