College kid embraces Big Brother

In the battle for the hearts and minds of the general public, it looks like security professionals are getting somewhere. Sure, there are still ACLU types and others how are concerned about privacy issues when it comes to video surveillance, and sometimes they raise good points about who has access to the video and what legislation still needs to be ironed out, but the general public doesn't seem as much bothered by video cameras anymore. As proof, I offer this editorial from the Montana Kaimin, the student newspaper for the University of Montana. Seriously, when the student newspaper is advocating for CCTV, the paradigm has shifted considerably, I think. Some choice paragraphs:
These examples give me hope that students across the country will become more accepting of security cameras on campus. I’m sure some will argue that placing 30 surveillance cameras in the UC is invasive and invokes a “Big Brother is watching you” feel, but given the robberies of the UC Market and Jus Chill’n, I think actions speak louder than words.
Gosh, I love when people use meaningless cliches to (not) make a point. Both capturing video of people in the UC and robbing Jus Chill'n are actions, actually. And both complaining about Big Brother and complaining about being robbed are words. So which actions speak louder than which words? Anyhoo:
It’s a viable goal and it can happen with your support. It’s in our hands to encourage the change. The UC wouldn’t be the good institution it is if it didn’t respond to student wants and needs. Let’s all help the UC return to a safe and comfortable environment for many years to come.
Ah, incitement to action. You know, save the rain forest, end the war, install the video cameras! I can just hear the chant: "Hey UC bureaucracy/Install the cameras immediately" Boy do I miss college.