Controlling PTZs with your iPhone

Remember after ASIS how I told you about that iPhone app from Lextech Labs that would allow you to control PTZs with your finger, etc.? Well, here you go, the iRa: I just talked with Alex Bratton, Lextech CEO, and he says, right now, you can't make a margin on selling the app, but you can certainly charge for the time it would take you to guide an end user through the implementation of this app, integrating it with their cameras and software. Plus, he's working with Apple on an enterprise-licensing model. Right now, end users just download it from the iTunes app store (I can't figure out a way to link to it, so just go to the iTunes store, search Lextech, and it's the only thing that comes up), where you can find it right now for $899.99. Is that the most expensive iTunes app? It's by far the most expensive I've seen, and I sorted all of the browseable apps by price and could only find something at $449.99, which was some kind of financial software application. If you're browsing, iRa comes up as most expensive under "Utilities." Anyhoo, think of the way this also just helps you sell IP video systems in general. If end users can use this functionality for viewing and controlling the system, just think of how much more attractive the system becomes. I find this to be very, very cool.