The covert surveillance market

Was talking with Supercircuits today and they made a big pitch for being tops in the covert surveillance market, and I've got to admit I really don't think much (or hear much, for that matter) about the covert market. The messages I normally get almost always involve deterrence - "We put the cameras in obvious places for a reason"; heck some people actually install fake cameras - but George Farley made a pretty good case for this being an underserved market by the integrators. Everybody's talking about ROI. Well, if you can reduce internal shrink (which is a lot of where shrink comes from) with hidden cameras, there's a good ROI. The law enforcement market's obviously a big one - but I don't hear it talked about often. And lots of places like museums and arts institutions don't necessarily want to broadcast that they're recording people. So, why don't people talk about covert surveillance? Is it because it's kind of icky: "Hey, I can help you spy on your employees." Does it really take the Big Brother thing too far? In most cases, on private property, there really aren't too many legal implications. Just when I think I've heard all the pitches before, somebody makes me think. I like it when that happens.