Crime ring at ASIS, busted by Milestone


Jeez, you'd think all those cameras and the fact that it's a security show would dissuade would-be theives, but no. Milestone put out a press release this morning about thieves nabbed at ASIS.

When a laptop was stolen at the MoogQuickset booth during the show (Oct. 12-15), Moog employees asked those at the neighboring Milestone booth if they'd noticed anything missing. No, but they did happen to have footage of what went on after hours on the ASIS show floor that showed members of the cleaning crew picking up the laptop. Turns out they'd picked up a few more items as well, and when confronted by the video, one of the cleaning crew turned in items stolen from a previous trade show. These guys really cleaned up at trade shows. 

Click here to read the press release, and make sure to scroll down to see the video.

Roll the credits: MIlestone's XProtect VMS, and Axis camera, and featuring a synopsis by BriefCam.

This is the second time I've blogged about an attempted heist on a trade show floor. The first time was  at ISC West in 2008. Here's a link to that blog and accompanying camera shots. That time it was a cleaning crew guy who swipped a cellphone from a Intelliview Technologies booth while the camera caught his every move.